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Chariton Homeplace is warm, cozy, and ready for your visit!

It has been a cold and snowy winter so far in south central Iowa! Prior to the melt this past weekend there was 14" of snow pack in Chariton. Last week, despite record breaking temperatures in the area, Chariton Homeplace was warm and cozy. I had a free week and wanted to paint the last room that hadn't been freshly updated, the kitchen. I had been putting this task off, but found it surprisingly rewarding to see the progress of my efforts each day. Now with fresh paint and a new tile backsplash above the stove, the kitchen is ready for you to prepare family meals, or just heat up something if that is more your style. If you do visit during the winter, you'll find the house comfortable even in the coldest temps with lots of warm blankets on the beds and cozy places to curl up and relax with a good book and a hot beverage. While winter may not be everyone's favorite season in Iowa, I actually found it to be quite pleasant on my recent stay. And Spring will be here before you know it with peeks of green and early flowers poking through that amazing black Iowa soil.

Speaking of visiting Chariton Homeplace, despite the fact that it is new on the market and hasn't been widely advertised, we are getting bookings and hearing great feedback about the house. We've had one group of return visitors to the property, so we must be doing something right. We already have a summer booking during a Knoxville race weekend, as well. Check out our calendar to see if your preferred dates are available and book your stay soon! We look forward to welcoming you any season of the year.

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