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It's a beautiful Fall in Iowa!

Fall is my favorite season of the year! As a child I was excited about what I was going to wear on Halloween, and I loved to rake up a big pile of leaves and jump in. The smell of burning leaves and the sound of Saturday afternoon football games on the radio will always be favorite memories of the Falls of my childhood.

Now, I no longer dress up for Halloween and burning leaves is a thing of the past, but there is still so much to enjoy about Fall. I love to decorate with pumpkins and mums and drive through midwest farm lands as the crops are harvested and the trees turn brilliant colors. Yesterday my husband and I took a walk on the Cinder Path and experienced the sight of corn fields partially harvested and heard geese honking as they landed on the marshland west of the path. The leaves fell around us and it was a perfect Fall day in Iowa.

If you aren't familiar with the Cinder Path Trail that meanders between Chariton and Derby, let me tell you about this treasure! This trail was the first abandoned railroad bed to be converted for hiking and biking in the state of Iowa. It travels along the Chariton River valley for a total of about 14 miles. The grade is flat and the path is generally well maintained with bridges over small creeks, plenty of wooded scenery, and even occasional wildlife along the way. It receives regular use but is never crowded and is a wonderful way to be out in nature while getting some exercise. To access the trail in Chariton, park near the city sign on the Highway 34 Bypass and enjoy your walk, jog, or bike ride in the natural beauty of southern Iowa. By the way, while you are in the area, a great choice for lodging is Chariton Homeplace!

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